Centro Studi Italiani

(a reference website for students of Italian)

Why learn Italian? Italian opens up a world of opportunities: New friendships, cultural enrichment, more enjoyable travels, new exciting careers. There are more reasons to study Italian than not to: Italian is the new language of choice for those who love opera, fashion, art, race cars, movies, music, food, wine, and..."la bella vita"! Our Web site will help you explore and discover Italian. Here you'll find:

* Specialized glossaries for translators, copywriters, advertisers, tour operators, artists, and other professionals in a variety of fields (photography, cinema, music, finance, politics, soccer, philately, card games, wine-making, food, etc.).

* Idioms for all occasions and grammar references that travelers and students will not find in traditional phrase and grammar books.

* Pages dedicated to Italian opera and theater for spectators who like to further their knowledge of Italian works for the stage.

* Quizzes, exercises, and games to help students practice their skills and teachers prepare tests and exams.

*Books and tapes to practice your grammar or improve your listening comprehension while learning about food, art, dialects, theater, and much more. "Italian jobs at Jooble"